What is it?

 Cannabidiol or CBD is a natural chemical found in the cannabis plant, which became rather famous after stopping a seizure triggered by epilepsy at the American national television. It was then when very many people realized the great potential of this substance, discovering that CBD can do more than to alleviate epileptic seizures.It can also decrease anxiety and stress, calm down various types of pains, and can stop spasms. 

Still, even so, there are many people that don’t know much about CBD and how is this substance different from THC, another chemical contained by cannabis, notorious for its psychoactive properties.CBD, or cannabidiol, is quickly changing the debate surrounding the use of marijuana as a medicine. 

As the ingredient in marijuana that “gets users high”, most people have a fair general knowledge about a chemical called THC. THC has long ago obtained the status of “illegal psychoactive drug”, and has retained that status even until today. THC is still illegal in most of the states of America, and also in most parts of the world. 


For Pain

Pain relief is just one of the many medical benefits this cannabinoid has. 

For Alzheimer’s

According to a study published by Professor Mechoulam, CBD slows down memory loss, the main symptom Alzheimer’s patients’ experience.

According to another study conducted in 2004, CBD plays a huge role in treating this neurodegenerative disorder. Evidence suggested that CBD also has anti-apoptotic properties (apoptosis = cell death), meaning that CBD protects the deterioration of the cells that cause Alzheimer’s in the first place.

For Depression & Anxiety

CBD may be the ultimate natural ingredient for treating anxiety and depression, which has no reported side effects, is non-addictive, is not emotionally destabilizing, and is all natural. Moreover, cannabis-derived CBD, the one in industrial hemp oil that we offer, is not psychoactive like THC is, so it won’t get you in the state known as “high” nor affect your alertness throughout the day.

For Epilepsy

 CBD’s popularity skyrocketed when CNN’s story on Charlotte Figi, a child with a very rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome, broke in 2013. Dr. Sanjay Gupta shocked people around the world, especially the American mainstream, after witnessing the almost miraculous effects hemp oil had on Charlotte. 

For Insomia

  •  CBD reduces stress and anxiety
  •  CBD is anti-inflammatory
  •  CBD works as a sedative

What is CBD?

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